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In the tropics, an earthly paradise greets us with a blue sky, a crystal clear lagoon and fine sandy beaches. A realm of dreams that is furthermore embellished by the tropical flowers, which are of various surprising colors and shapes.

Picture of tropical flowers - Bougainvillea

The bougainvillea, originating from Brazil, adorns and decorates the finest residences as well as the more modest huts and cottages. At times, its bouquet of corollas, which are gifted with soft petals similar to thin crispy paper, harmoniously blends pink and fuchsia or violet and indigo, combines orange and red, or adopts a slight yellow color with spotless white strokes here and there.

Picture of tropical flowers - Anthuriums   Picture of tropical flowers - Anthuriums

However, the title of Queen of Flowers should rightfully go to the anthurium. A carmine beauty, either pink or white, which is so perfect that we would be tempted to confirm its splendor... simply looking at it is not enough; we must imperatively make sure of its magnificence by lightly touching its glossy and silky gown: a single finely pleated petal.

Picture of tropical flowers - Pink torch ginger

But, let us forget our first encounters for one brief moment. Here’s another enchantment: the Pink Torch Ginger (Etlingeria elatior)! This flower constantly claims for our admiring gaze. The obvious reason lies in the mystery of the solid matter that Mother Nature has exclusively created for it. One cannot help but admire the play of colors that daylight awakens on its unique pink petals. There are no other colors tainting its gracefulness. An astonishing creation!

Picture of tropical flowers - Heliconias

Then, from the heavens, delicate flowers from the Heliconia family (Heliconia rostrata) greet us. They are of a passionately red color and streaked with gold with a touch a green that emphasizes the beauty of their design. Who is that heavenly artist who could not restrict his paintbrush from wandering and creating this exceptional splendor?

Picture of tropical flowers - Heliconia

Has some God, fond of poetry, change a graceful and light bird into a flower (Heliconia psittacorum)? Most probably, for we can only marvel at the similarity if we try to compare this fiery-colored wonder to a bird of paradise that is perched on a frail and delicate stalk.

Picture of tropical flowers - Heliconias   Picture of tropical flowers - Heliconia

And, here is the Red Purpurea (Heliconia caribaea). A blazing flower turned towards the sky and the light, whose petals are arranged in spikes as if in an effort to catch and preserve all the brightness of the sun. An eye-catching flower that immediately claims for our admiration. It prompts us to develop and share a common fiery passion with it... a unique feeling!

Picture of tropical flowers - Pink and red ginger

If we are to conclude in a cheerful finale, we can only do so with this bouquet of tufted petals of pink and red shades that is similar to an arrangement of delicate feathers. The pink or red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) is one such special flower that charms us with its unique art of design and the touch of humor in its ruffled appearance.

Text: © Ghislaine Vandeputte   •   Photos: © F.Bettex / Mysterra