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Characterised as it is by its great geographical diversity, deserves its reputation of being "Switzerland in miniature". Indeed, it can offer the peaceful shores of the Lake of Geneva, the gentle wooded slopes of the Jura, the lush green fields of the countryside as well as the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

Picture of Lake Geneva
Photo: © Nasa

The Lake Geneva Region commands a very special, central position, located at the cross-roads of the major European thoroughfares.

Ever since the 18th century, the Lake Geneva Region, reputed for its beauty, has grown to be a holidaying region, visited by the great personalities of this world who were enchanted by the peace that emanates from its landscapes. The advantages of its climate and its diversity were appreciated long before that as, even as far back as Roman times, many tourist sites had come into being.

Picture of Lake Geneva - Switzerland   Picture of Lake Geneva - Switzerland

If the visitor follows the shore of the Lake Geneva, he can admire the changing colours, the terraced slopes with their vineyards, the impressive mountains, picturesque villages and towns with their blend of past relics and modern activity.

From Geneva to Villeneuve, the gentle landscape and mild climate attracts the traveller. Indeed, such celebrities as Victor Hugo, Lord Byron and Rousseau all spoke and wrote of the pleasure they derived from their stays in this region. Closer in time, Cocteau, Simenon, Tchaikowski, Charlie Chaplin, Barbara Hendricks, Peter Ustinov or Maurice Béjart have, at some time or another, chosen to live among us.

Apart from the beauty of the countryside and the welcome offered them, they felt that this country also has a taste for traditions that they enjoyed sharing.

Picture of Lake Geneva - Switzerland   Picture of Lake Geneva - Switzerland

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Central Europe. It takes 15 years to replenish completely its volume of 89'000 million litres of water. The River Rhone enters the lake near Villeneuve, leaving it in Geneva 15 years later to continue its long journey to Marseille and the Mediterranean.

Picture of Lake Geneva - Switzerland

The lake has a surface area of 582.4 square km, is 72.3 km long, nearly 13.8 km wide and over 310 m deep. So there is ample opportunity for a vast range of sporting activities. The beaches along Lake Geneva provide countless hours of leisure and pleasure. There are some 65 of them in all, each rivalling the other in sun, scenery, delights and discretion.

Underwater picture - Lake Geneva

Text: © OT Région du Léman   •   Photos: © F.Bettex / Mysterra